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PGBC - Patron's Club

FDH is the first and only real estate developer in Pakistan who acquired Parton’s Club (Founding Membership), Exclusivity within the Industry (One Member from each sector) of Pakistan Green Building Council (Pakistan GBC), affiliated with World Green Building Council, a union of 98 national Green Building Councils from around the world, making it the largest international organization influencing the green building marketplace.

The membership demonstrates FDH commitment and dedication to pioneering practices that prioritize environmental stewardship and community well‐being.  This affiliation underscores FDH’s proactive stance towards fostering green building practices, an essential aspect in mitigating  environmental impacts and promoting a healthier built environment.  Moreover, FDH’s initiatives extend beyond mere compliance;  by embody a genuine ethos of responsibility towards future generations. Through innovative design, efficient resource management, and the integration of renewable technologies, FDH is actively shaping the landscape of sustainable development in Pakistan. Their endeavors not only contribute to environmental preservation but also set a precedent for the industry, inspiring others to embrace sustainable practices. Their dedication serves as a beacon of hope in an era where sustainability is paramount, showcasing that business success and environmental stewardship can indeed go hand in hand.


PGBC Patron's Club Certificate
PGBC Patron's Club Certificate

PGBC Patron's Club Certificate

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